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WARNING! May cause computer geeks to experience severe adrenaline rushes

The following is an excerpt of a personal letter I received from Jack Shulman (CEO of the American Computer Company) on September 30th, 1999;

"Recently, I completed a feasibility study for a cross bred Valkyrie that included our TCAP Transfer Capacitor technology, probably the first supercomputer with no Transistorized RAM and no Mechanical Hard Drives, it booted from a CDROM Drive, and used 1 Terabyte of TCAP memory, and 1024 TCAP "Calculator" Modules as a CPU. It achieved, in test, about 4K TeraOps (4,000,000,000,000,000 CPU INSTRUCTIONS PER SECOND), about 1000 times faster than the fastest supercomputer ever built before, and 16 Million times the speed of the Pentium III 1GHZ XEON (Government Issue only). And, unlike any other SuperComputer, it had all of its file storage in MAIN MEMORY, and required no load or unload times to move files in and out of main memory. It's what we call a SUPERFLAT SUPERSCALAR SUPERCOMPUTER (S Cubed) Architecture, in that it has virtually no differentiating components internally. This experimental machine is called the VALKYRIE ETC, and it is planned for us to produce commercial and governmental variations of it. The entire machine occupied only 16 x 16" boards, and used a common backplane, which slowed it down a bit, but in the future, we will be arranging the boards in a circle like a CRAY used to. Interesting in that the entire thing occuped a 19" 6' Bay Cabinet yet was faster than any computer ever built. Of course, we have a very crude computer hand built, but believe we can reduce this, within 2-5 years, to 16 CHIPs, and mount it on a single board. By the year 2010, it should cost no more than $1000 for that board, replacing an entire computer's mainboard, RAM, CPU, and Hard Drive, with the above speed and capacity. By the year 2025, it will be considered a Personal Computer and will be housed on a Single Chip."

Sincerely yours,
Jack A. Shulman
American Computer Company

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